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What can I say? And Ty and Celia's cameos Gosh, they're just so cute! Meant to Be Mine remains my absolute favorite of the series. But I believe A Love Like Ours comes in second, which is not a bad place to be in such a beloved and well-acclaimed contemporary romance series. I'm definitely curious about the youngest Porter sibling, Dru. Bring on her story! I'm ready for some more Texas charm.

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Oct 08, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: eagerly-anticipating , netgalley-read , review-books. I loved the characters and finally reading Jake's story I loved seeing the growth of the characters -- not just Jake, but Lyndie too. It was interesting to get this glimpse into the training and racing aspects. All in all, a very enjoyable read. The scene at the end seemed to happen a little quickly, but the story was still very good and I can't wait to read the next Porter book. I recommend A Love Like Ours if you enjoy contemporary romance with inspirational elements.

A great read! I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Oct 08, Staci rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in This was Jake's story.

Jake is a marine with PTSD. I enjoyed watching the romance blossom as the novel progressed. A couple of side characters added a lot to the story: Amber that we met in Undeniably Yours and Karen. I look forward to the series continuing with Dru's story. Apr 01, Carole Jarvis rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , inspirational , romance.

I don't think I'll ever come across one of Becky's books that doesn't touch me in some way, but I found A Love Like Ours especially moving, even to the point of tears at times - and that's rare fo For the enjoyment and redemptive factors, I couldn't help but give A Love Like Ours 5 stars. I don't think I'll ever come across one of Becky's books that doesn't touch me in some way, but I found A Love Like Ours especially moving, even to the point of tears at times - and that's rare for me.

The cover beautifully captures the essence of Jake and Lyndie's personalities, but there are hidden depths to this story, both spiritual and emotional. While their love story is the backbone of the novel, many other elements are cleverly woven throughout - PTSD, survivor's guilt, physical disabilities, trusting God when life makes no sense, the dignity and value of all life.

A Love Like Ours is, in essence, a story about rediscovering hope that once was lost - and that's something that will speak to just about every reader. This is Becky's first series, and while it must be somewhat difficult to keep up with and advance characters' stories, I have totally embraced the Porter family and Lyndie's as well in this story. Becky says on her website that she writes "about imperfect, flawed people who are nonetheless loved by a perfect God" - and that's what makes her stories easily connect with readers. And one that eventually comes full circle, capturing this reader's heart and emotions in the process.

Rich characterization is one of this book's strengths, evidenced not only by Jake and Lyndie, but several secondary characters as well. Jake - affectionately described as "Tall, Dark, and Brooding" by Lyndie - is a Thoroughbred horse trainer, eight years removed from military service in Iraq, but carrying the invisible scars of PTSD. His social behavior reflects that - hidden walls to protect from feeling, disconnected from people, a disbelief in the goodness of God. Going into this book, I knew a good bit about PTSD on paper, but being privy to Jake's torturous thoughts and nightmares made it real.

I was immediately drawn to Jake, understanding the reasons for his brusqueness, and he became one of my favorite characters of all time. Lyndie is just as strongly drawn - compassionate, captivating, imaginative, determined and plain out adorable. She has a natural way with animals and I loved the way she was able to unlock the mystery of why the Thoroughbred, Silver Leaf, wouldn't run. But what drew me to Lyndie most was that, rather than allowing Jake to intimidate her, she desired to help and was determined that the powers of his dark world would not overtake him.

But the character who touched me most couldn't even see or hear , and that was Mollie, Lyndie's sister who had cerebral palsy. God works in mysterious ways, and while Becky is quick to point out that it is always God who heals, it was moving to see how He might have used this precious child at times - especially with her ability to draw Jake out and make him feel. Also woven throughout are spiritual messages that I needed to hear - that loving someone is about acceptance of their weakness and flaws in addition to all that's good, and that we need to trust God with the things we can't control.

I don't know what Becky has planned next, but I certainly hope there will be a fourth book, because I have enjoyed reconnecting with the Porter family and am not ready to let them go - but then, will I ever?!

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However, I'm intrigued by the younger sister, Dru, and felt the stage was being set for her story. And there are some questions I'd love to see answered.

For instance, will Bo and Meg ever be able to have a child? Does Silver Leaf go on to be a true champion? Do Amber and Will find happiness together? I thoroughly enjoyed A Love Like Ours and hated to reach the final page. Highly recommended.

REVIEW: Love Like Ours by Melissa Foster

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Oct 08, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: romantic , tbr-pile-challenges , , christian-fiction , contemporary. Full review to come! Sweet, uplifting story with believable characters and an endearing romance! I'm really enjoying Becky's books. Lyndia is such a unique character. Becky gave her several quirky yet natural qualities.

I loved her sweet spirit and creative imagination. Suffering from PTSD and quick to withdraw when there is any risk involved, especially when it comes to Lyndie, Jake is a complex and empathetic character. For me, the portrayal of his PTSD felt very realistic and made what could have been a run of the mill romance into something a lot deeper and poignant. The setting of the novel is also done very well.

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It was fun to get a firsthand look at the training and preparation that goes into racing Thoroughbreds. Overall, this is a really enjoyable read. Though it at first appears to be a typical romance, the nature of challenges that Lyndie and Jake faced gave this story depth and poignancy.

For its endearing romance, believable characters and strong redemptive thread, I can easily recommend A Love like Ours for fans of inspiration contemporary romance.

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Apr 22, Susan Snodgrass rated it it was amazing. Becky Wade gives us the third book in her Porter family series.

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  • Suffers so much from it that it seriously hinders his life. Lyndie James is back in Holley, Texas after moving from there to California as a preteen. She and Jake had been best friends until she moved away. Jake hires her to exercise his Thoroughbreds against his better judgement.

    A Love Like Ours

    Will Lyndie's optimism and happy spirit help Jake come out of the darkness he's been l Becky Wade gives us the third book in her Porter family series. Will Lyndie's optimism and happy spirit help Jake come out of the darkness he's been living in? Will Jake allow God back into his heart? Becky Wade has created some very real characters in this book. She always does, though. Emotions run high, their depths seriously stretched.

    I love it when I can read a book and feel how the characters feel. I do with Becky's books. And what I love most about her books is her ability to preach Christ. Her characters are flawed and in need of God's grace and she is not afraid to lead them there. When you pick up a Christian fiction book written by Becky Wade, you get Christ. You get him in such a way that your own spirit bears witness with hers. She believes what she writes. Of that I'm sure. There were scenes in this book that tore at my heart, others filled my heart with joy and still others that had me weeping with happiness.

    God is good! No matter what. No matter how bad we hurt.

    A Love Like Ours

    No matter how hard life gets. God is good. ALL the time! Mar 31, Laura rated it really liked it. What I loved: The complex characters. I really liked Lyndie.

    A Sweet Love Like Ours A Sweet Love Like Ours
    A Sweet Love Like Ours A Sweet Love Like Ours
    A Sweet Love Like Ours A Sweet Love Like Ours
    A Sweet Love Like Ours A Sweet Love Like Ours
    A Sweet Love Like Ours A Sweet Love Like Ours

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