Dancing with the Midwives

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Tweets by nursingcare4. Labor dance is a combination of many nonpharmacologic methods. The research has been conducted to determine the effects of labor dance on perceived birth pain, birth satisfaction and neonatal outcomes.

Dancing BEmONC Doctors / Nurses / Midwives...

In all three groups, perinatal birth pain, birth weight, newborn 1st, 5th and 10th minute Apgar score and oxygen saturation levels were compared. Pain score was lower in Dance Groups than Control Group, 5th minute Apgar score, 5th and 10th minute oxygen saturation level and birth satisfaction score were significantly higher than the Control Group. There is a positive effect on the birth pain, birth satisfaction and neonatal outcomes of the labor dance performed with the spouse or midwife in the intrapartum period.

For effective management of birth pain the family should be included in the intrapartum period. To ensure the best outcome for women who are septic, timely diagnosis and treatment is required, together with the appropriate management by midwives and other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Dancing with the Midwives: A Memoir of Art and Grief

As the rates of maternal death due to sepsis are decreasing, midwives should be aware of how to educate women in the prevention of sepsis, using national recommendations. This article addresses the need for health care professionals to be aware of the signs and symptoms of sepsis and the importance of a prompt referral to an appropriate place to initiate treatment of the septic woman.

Read more In part this is because the events during this time can have profound significance for the physical and emotional wellbeing of all those involved, including the infant, mother and midwife. This article explores the ways midwives can detect fetal compromise, what they can do to limit the effects of cerebral hypoxic-ischaemia, and reviews neonatal treatments that can optimise infant neurological outcome. There are various hands-on techniques that midwives use routinely to protect the perineum but not all of them are evidence based.

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Despite this, midwives often feel that they are the determining factor in whether a woman tears or not. Furthermore, women are rarely asked permission before hands-on techniques are used.

Dancing Waters (children’s book)

This article explores some of the techniques used to prevent perineal tears, looks at the evidence base and invites the reader to reflect on their own practice and thinking around perineal protection. The most straightforward of births can lead to unexpected, heart-stopping moments - and the highest risk woman can, despite our fears, birth without any of the imagined horrors being realised.

As midwives we can choose to be paralysed with fear over this, or responsive to - and respectful of - such an amazing process. This paper discusses how midwives can learn to 'dance in the grey zone', while meeting their professional obligations and protecting women's human rights.

The Practising Midwife

Come dance the waltz, the tango and the hip-hop with me on the dance floor created by the 'triangle of wisdom' Read more The assumptions underpinning this practice must be examined and challenged. To give birth without drugs for many may seem undesirable or intolerable, especially to those whose cultural references to birth have been overwhelmingly negative, fearful or risk-obsessed.

However, significant numbers of women have confidence in their innate ability to birth their babies and are rightfully concerned about the undesirable side effects of pharmacological interventions.

Shared here are a collection of ideas to contribute to the toolkit of knowledge about non-pharmacological interventions.

Dancing with the Midwives
Dancing with the Midwives
Dancing with the Midwives
Dancing with the Midwives
Dancing with the Midwives

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