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And lastly, here we get another bashing of those who have faith and glorifying those who have science. The best Trek DS9 showed us how faith can live alongside science and here those with faith are bigoted and fear-mongers, the complete cliche. Titan has been on of my favorite series, but his installment is missing everything that has made it great, characterization that has depth, wonderful world-building and something epic worth fighting for.

The History of: the U.S.S. Titan S3-E1

These days all the 24th century novels share the same contuinity and while that has some advantages it can also be very tiring sometimes. I would have to disagree with the reviewer. This is a Trek book people should avoid, unless they want to feel like they were just forced into a discussion at gunpoint on the views of religious groups i.

Christian, Islam, Hindu versus atheistic views. These discussions have been handled way better in different episodes and books.

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I prefer reading fanfiction, there is something for everyone there unlike the books and there both not canon. The books lost me as a fan when in Destiny they promoted the unworthy Ezri Dax to captain. Who thought that an annoying and confused counsel would be up for captainship is beyond me. And Ezri lacks the charisma and character will to be one. Killing off Janeway and resurrected her 3 books later. What was the point of that? Why kill her in the first place? I know, I know to create drama and to boost readership. Making Sisko go all insane and abandon his family only to reunite them 2 books later again just for the sake of drama.

What I did not enjoy about the book is the characterization of Christine Vale. She came across as arrogant, shallow, and judgmental. The power struggle between her and Troi is tiresome.

Trek Lit Reviews: Fallen Gods

Everyone knows she is the first officer. The other crew members do not routinely taut their position. Her constant insecurity and need to remind others and the readers of her position makes her an ineffective character.

Since Titan prides itself on the diversity of its crew, there needs to be some diversity in its command staff which is dominated by humans. September 7, By: Robert Lyons 31 comments so far As the starship Titan continues its journey of exploration deep into the Beta Quadrant, the Andorian succession issue serves up an added complication in the midst of an already tricky mission in a dangerously unstable region of space as Michael A. Notify me of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time.

Guess I better finish 2, The Red King… still stuck with that one.

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September 7, pm. Pensive's Wetness. Pointing Out The Obvious. Also, holy cow are these covers terrible. September 8, am. Captain Data. Michael Rebain. September 8, pm. September 9, am. September 9, pm. September 10, pm. September 11, am. Matthew Rushing. September 11, pm. Do not read, avoid.

September 14, pm.

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Actually fanfiction is better than anything post nemesis I have read. September 16, am. September 17, am.

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September 20, am. October 1, pm. Except Star Trek: Deep Space Nine all the later movies based on Star Trek are based around the idea originally used by Roddenberry in the original series which depicted each episode as having a separate storyline contained within a single episode through a different adventure.

In short the script was drafted such that each episode is a new adventure of the ship at a new location while their main motive remains carrying on at a slower pace. Thus, any person can view an episode as each episode has its own different story and is quite independent of others. Books published in Star Trek: James Blish was the first person to write Star Trek books through short stories for each episode into one book.

He wrote total 11 books based on the three seasons of original Star Trek episodes. There was an acknowledgement stating that after Star Trek 7 or Star Trek 8 the credit for writing Star Trek novels goes to his wife and mother J. Lawrence who ghost wrote the books for him. The Star Trek books were published from to based on rough initial drafts for the show and initially they were not referenced to the show since James Blish was based in United Kingdom and the show had not yet been aired there.

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With time the fans have grown for the show and books and people and experts often state the phenomenon of Star Trek as ever growing with time and people are found in huge crowds at the premiering of new episodes, movies, comics, books, graphic novels etc. There are new experiments done by a variety of writer and a number of franchised shows for Star Trek have been released along with books over time.

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  • Many of the Star Trek books and comics along with shows cover the original show in an enhanced or detailed manner there are also a vivid variety of cases where people have based the book on a show or with their unique inputs. Some famous fan or company based books have also become the plotline of famous Star Trek movies or stories while some comics and book series of star trek are genuinely famous for their writing style and regular updates. Many of these franchised books do not relate to the original series in many aspects along with the plotline and there is a huge variety to choose from.

    What to Choose: While there are a number of options available to the readers beginning with the initial novels of Blish are the best idea as it gives the starting plot of the story thought by the creator at that point. There are also a huge number of famous and appraised novels created by fans and other companies along with a wide array of books which grow in number each week and many of these books are quite impressive.

    Jack Reacher is back! The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrived on bookshelves at the end of October. All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher. Lee Child has been killing it lately so hopefully that continues.

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    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)
    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)
    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)
    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)
    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)
    Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7) Fallen Gods (Star Trek: Titan Book 7)

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