FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop

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By Brett Fairbairn Nora Russell - Brett Fairbairn Nora Russell

This is an aerial view of what surrounds the Caves Branch River.

Season Preview 2007-2008

Caves Branch botanical team with the Valley of Peace Garden Club after finishing planting their yard. Caves Branch Overnight Cave Expedition, camping out in the caves, getting the fire going Caves Branch's Ian Anderson vs Grasshopper in an epic battle How many of you have had a view like this? Lost World caving tour. Underground waterfall and pool, River Cave at Caves Branch. Group of children on the steps of Caye Caulker R.

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School back in the 's. Beautiful aerial image of Caye Caulker in Belize as the sun rises over the entire island. Aerial view of Caye Caulker with the Split in the foreground. Aerial view of Caye Caulker and the split, , view from the northwest. Caye Caulker in , map of island listing owners, stores, common areas, plots of land showing where folks live. Caye Caulker , height of tourist season, two tourists on street! Caye Caulker girls, Our lovely colourful paraders, group photo with beautiful costumes Caye Caulker Independence Day parade Amaiyah Cutkelvin, a young lady at the Caye Caulker children's bicycle parade for independence, September Caye Caulker: Evening transactions take place at the local mom and pop store Caye Caulker by the cut, looking very quiet One of the oldest houses in Cayo, once the District Commissioner's Quarters.

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  8. Mules feeding and watering at the El Cayo savannah in the 's. Boat wharf at El Cayo Landing, mules loaded with cargo, British Honduras, Cayo landing ground. The "Stinson" is the aircraft regularly employed between landing grounds in British Honduras, late 's. A panoramic view of old El Cayo from across the river, long ago. Enjoying the view on a paddleboard at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly. Painting inspired by Cayo Saturday market!

    Paul Weekend Tracks & Releases on Beatport

    By Walter Castillo. Cayo Espanto, view of private pier and to the west of the island. The sacred ceiba tree of life located at Yo-Creek Village. Cemetery on Caye Caulker, downtown by Tropical Paradise, Maya hand carved cenote in the area of the Santa Cruz ruins.

    Central park area and view of the reef looking out from about the Blake House many moons ago. When the Chicago Cubs stole the hearts of Belizeans!

    Belizean children hold Chicago Cubs posters in welcoming their star player, the legendary Gary Mathews in Two brothers catching a meal chicken , Punta Gorda Town 20 years ago. Kneading Sapodilla Chicle gum into blocks, around , and a bit on the history of the chicle industry in Belize.

    The Chiclero that extracted the chewing gum that the world chewed with much gusto. Cooking the sapodilla resin to make chicle latex, around Chico in an amazing costume in a monkey cage Halloween at Holiday Hotel, about Bashful children , in front of Curl Gordon's wood shop in Belize City. Children in cultural costumes, Xaibe Business Cultural Expo Children carrying water in front of a thatch home, San Pedro The standard six class dressed in the traditional Mayan outfits.

    Article excerpt

    Four young girls getting ready for a special occasion, 's. Kids having fun, the ocean, sunset and the tropical colours of the benches capture the beauty of the Caye. Children from the Holy Cross school with a book from Wyoming. Li'l fellow in his buggy , with the Belizean flag flying in the wind. Talented children in San Pedro , building Mayan ruins from sand on the beach.

    🥰 Florida home invader 🐸 Monsieur frog

    Children selling "coconut fudge" on the beach on Caye Caulker. Child on bicycle on the way back from the store on Caye Caulker. The newest addition to the Rojo Lounge Staff His name is "Shrimps" a 1. Kayaking the Chiquibul River as it flows under the Natural Arch. Chispa Coqueta Magdalena ready to parade in national costume on Independence Day, Chispa Coqueta Magdalena after the parade on Independence Day, Lionel "Chocolate" Heredia and his wife Annie in February, Lionel "Chocolate" Heredia relaxing on the porch a few years ago.

    Juan Cho and his wife handmaking chocolate in San Felipe Village. Daniel, Andrea and Elena Choc , enjoying a Sunday afternoon. Children during Christmas performance in San Pedro, ish A Christmas tree that takes us back to Ambergris Caye's roots. Yes, we like Christmas! Woody and Helen of Corona del Mar celebrating Christmas on the beach, Home in San Pedro beautifully adorned with Christmas lights, Santa Claus hanging out in downtown San Pedro at night in December, Christmas tree in San Ignacio made entirely of empty rum bottles.

    Christmas tree with conch shells for decoration, at Tranquility Bay. Santa Claus and his reindeer pass through the full moon and over the island. Painting by Melody Wolfe. Christmas card from Colette and Maya with the sentiments of the season Christmas is over, Alex, Jovan, and Trey head to the beach to relax.

    As usual Beautiful clouds. Morning view from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The oceans of the sky await you. Wave after wave, clouds slowly drifting. Gabby "Fast Feathers" Gowan's , shows off his Talons. He is a very talon-ented cockatoo. Robert Vogues putting Gabriella the cockatoo on the head of Louke van Noord. How many know the story of this plane wreck in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary? Dr Alan Rabinowitz. Two young woman hiking jungle trail on Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. It's hot out!

    Perfect time for an ice cold coconut at the coconut stand! Coconut Leo hanging upside down on a coconut tree by moonlight, Coconut gymnastics Coconut Leo offering some fresh and tasty coconut water to the kids, at Caribbean Villas Hotel. Jake and Cole catch the lobsters , staying at Coral Bay Villas. Daughter of Jorge the cab driver on her way to her first communion.

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    A house built of conch shells on one of the small southern cayes. Conch processing: Standardized conch meat weights, terms and definitions. Big group of concrete pourers with buckets over their heads! Jesse Cope , with his assistant editor, Winnie, son of Frank and Joy. Don't stand on coral: If you have to stand, stand on sand! Beautiful view of Clubtip Finger Coral and fish on the reef.

    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop
    FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop FEDO the Frog Flew the Coop

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