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Preaching Christ

The first main point of your message will be to lay out the command present in the text. Keller writes:. In every text of Scripture there are imperatives, moral norms for how we should live. That norm may be seen in what we learn about the character of God or Christ, or in the good or bad example of characters in the text, or in explicit commands, warnings, and summonses. But in what specific manifestations does our sinful nature sabotage our ability to obey the command.

1. Our Lord Jesus and His apostles practiced Christ-centered preaching.

More Keller:. The next assumption is that this moral imperative always presents a crisis, for when properly understood, the practical and moral obligations of the Scripture is impossible for human beings to meet.

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If instead, the preacher makes the crisis clear, then the listeners who have followed the path of the sermon to this point are seemingly lead to a dead end. In another section, Keller points out that our selfish hearts can either be overly-dependent our under-dependent on our spouses In other words, we can idolize our spouse, or sex, or love and this leads us to be unfaithful in various ways.

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Then, when we point to the gospel, a hidden door opens and the light comes in. Jesus never cheats on His bride, casts her away or lords his authority over her. But he willingly lays down his life for her.

Billy Graham - Jesus Christ and Him crucified 1957

Grabbing hold of plutonium with a naked hand would lead to severe health issues if not death. Only a hand outfitted with the glove can properly handle it. Trying to obey them on our own leads to despair, to spiritual death.

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We must be clothed in the righteousness of Christ first. Faith in Jesus is our only hope—but it is a sure hope. In relation to the seventh commandment, only when we see how faithful Jesus is to his spouse, will we be moved to be faithful to our own spouses The goal of the sermon is present Christ. Join the conversation and let us know.

Preaching Christ: The Need to Preach Christ and Him Crucified | Preaching Source

We would love to connect! It's important that every sermon from a Christian preacher be a Christian sermon, that is, a sermon that, if a Jewish or Muslim person heard it, they wouldn't like.

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If they like it, something is wrong with it, because they reject Christ as Messiah and crucified and risen as the forgiver of the sins of the world. And since they reject it, if they hear a sermon that they're totally OK with, then something is missing. The sermon should somehow communicate that this is all based on and aiming toward the work of Christ and the glory of Christ.

However, I don't think there's any particular way that that needs to be made explicit.

The Necessity of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

In other words, when you preach on Proverbs, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise," you want to preach what's there and show that there are moral lessons to be learned from God's providence in the world. But you will somehow connect that with what makes you a Christian. You're not a Christian because you look at ants and feel them to be especially helpful morally in setting a good example of discipline.

That doesn't make anybody a Christian. So if you just preach, "Let's all be more diligent because ants are, and God says to," that's not a Christian sermon.

Somehow it's got to be connected to the bigger redemptive-historical thing that God is doing that saves sinners and strengthens sinners. What makes that sermon finish is that what you want in preaching discipline is Christian discipline, discipline that is dependent on the Holy Spirit, discipline that is not earning your salvation, discipline that is the fruit and not the root of your acceptance with God.

And all of that takes you to the cross. So preachers, wherever they're preaching in the Bible, must somehow make it plain that this is a Christian sermon.

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