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Week 6: Devilish portrayal of a traitor is all in the details

In the 19th century the genre kept a tincture of the forbidden.


Lady Caroline Lamb titillated a Regency readership with a fictionalised version of her entanglement with Byron, Glenarvon the title is the "disguised" name of the poet. So it is fitting for a novelist who wants to imagine the inner world of a spy. Banville doubles the effect of delicious indiscretion by writing in the person of Victor Maskell, who is recording his secret history for posterity.

Some of what he tells us does closely follow biography.

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The exquisite painting is Maskell's most treasured possession, as it was Blunt's. There are many such exact parallels. This can create critical offence, as if the novelist has not bothered to turn the real-life prototypes into fictional characters.

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The novel's supporting cast includes several whom we can enjoy recognising. Guy Burgess becomes Boy Bannister, promiscuous homosexual and flamboyant drinker, revelling in the privileges of a social world that he holds in contempt.


Querrell is surely Graham Greene, the Roman Catholic connoisseur of betrayal with his "fishy look" and tight suits, who spends his time at parties "leaning with his back against the wall, diabolical trickles of smoke issuing from the corners of his mouth, watching and listening": "He was genuinely curious about people - the sure mark of the second-rate novelist. Some examples of the genre, like Joe Klein's cleverly "anonymous" Primary Colors, may rely on mapping characters exactly.

Others, like Aldous Huxley's Point Counter Point , happily combine those who did not combine in life. Some of Banville's characters suggest prototypes without exactly being them.

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For the John Banville novel, see The Untouchable novel. For other uses, see Untouchable disambiguation. Rap-A-Lot Noo Trybe.

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Archived from the original on June 30, Archived from the original on September 24, His name was Eliot Ness. Hundreds of breweries and distilleries were controlled by Capone at the time, who was also responsible for the illegal importation of a considerable amount of alcohol from Canada and other countries. Thousands of people caught up in the misery of the Great Depression worked for the notorious mobster, whose network of breweries and distilleries in Chicago was practically impregnable, but agent Eliot Ness was about to change all this.

In no time they gained a reputation for being fearless and non-corrupt law enforcers determined to go all the way until organized crime in Chicago was fully exposed and destroyed. Al Capone had to do something to stop Ness and his team.

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Prohibition agents at the time were among the most corrupt officials, and it is believed that over were fired between the years of and and nearly prosecuted for bribes. Prohibition agents destroying barrels of alcohol, c. Hundreds of files of agents passed through his hands, but in the end, he settled upon nine. Paul Robsky, a wiretap expert; Michael King, tailing suspects expert; William Gardner, undercover expert; and Joseph Leeson, driving expert.

The Untouchable The Untouchable
The Untouchable The Untouchable
The Untouchable The Untouchable
The Untouchable The Untouchable
The Untouchable The Untouchable
The Untouchable The Untouchable

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