Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor

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In A Public Faith , Miroslav Volf sets for himself the daunting task of addressing these two deep and urgent questions in a way that is both widely accessible and takes account of the scholarly literature. He succeeds on all counts. It is a wonderful guide for the perplexed in our times. A Public Faith is arguably the most important book on the topic since H. Debates rage today about the role of religions in public life.

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, various religions come to inhabit the same space. But how do they live together, especially when each wants to shape the public realm according to the dictates of its own sacred texts and traditions? How does the Christian faith relate in the religious pluralism of contemporary public life? Ben Witherington has given the whole people of God something desperately needed to make sense of Monday to Friday a theology of work that breaks down the heretical sacred-secular distinction.

Offers a work-view and life-view that, if embraced, would revitalize the mission of God s people in the world. It s that good. Paul Stevens author of The Other Six Days and Taking Your Soul to Work Conducting a critical dialogue with the theological voices of our day, drawing upon the wisdom of the Christian tradition, and offering a sensitive reading of New Testament parables, Witherington delivers sound counsel on the Kingdom meaning of work and its implications for our lives today.

Slackers and Sloths of the World Unite. Call Forwarding and Vocations Variation. Work as Ministry Ministry as Work. Barber has excellent Bible studies here of people who have been called, relates these Scripture case studies to ordinary folks today, reminds us of the vision of cultural renewal as we deepen our discipleship, taking up the call to love and serve others in all that we do.

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The centerpiece chapter, by the way, is exactly on vocation. Good, good stuff! Westerhoff is a great, Southern storyteller and a mature Episcopalian priest and consultant. These stories weave together a profound book, noting that we must listen to the narratives that shape who we are, attend to baptismal themes, and, in community, discern notions of calling.

This is less about vocation and work, but is still a moving and rich reflection, especially for those who are called to ministry. A few chapters are very, very rich. There are a few extended passages from which I often read out-loud in workshops and talks—God speaking to her through creation, the role of sacraments, the significance of the ordinary themes she unpacks wondrously years later in her beloved An Altar in This World.

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A few of these pages mean the world to me, and I had to list it. Drew is certainly a solid writer, well crafting mature sentences in wise and wonderful ways. We suggest it often and heartily commend it for any readers. Cook for bringing out upbeat and relevant books, each loaded with faith and gusto and youthful verve.

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There are cool graphics and good pictures, here, even. I like this book, a broad examination of all sorts of senses of calling. Read this book to discover the beauty of your art. SPCK is renowned as a thoughtful, liberal, mainline denominational press. The authors are women and men, but most are Ango-Catholic priests. It is not just for those involved in ministry, and there are remarkably practical and evocative study questions, sidebars, conversation starters.

The study that produced this book was done jointly by Affirming Catholicism and the Society of Catholic Priests. What Is Vocation? Steven J. It could be used in small groups, a quick adult ed class, or given to high school seniors. This brief staple-bound booklet is as handsome as it is readable and could be life-changing. Steve is evangelical and Reformed but I am confident that this little book could be used in any sort of congregation. Oh, if only pastors did this more for their flocks, affirming the work-life of the laity! What a difference it could make!

The best small and least expensive resource of which we know. Very clear, comprehensive. But few are precisely for and about the unique ways in which woman are called, and how the doctrines of vocation are experienced by contemporary women. She is an elder in the Free Methodist Church. He explores the differences between the Reformed framework of Lee Hardy who draws on creation order, grounding our human callings in creation, and an earlier work by Miroslov Volf Work in the Spirit who grounded his sense of vocation in the giftedness that comes from the Spirit.

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Young theological types wondering how to get at this whole topic? Check it out. It was edited by the late Bill Placher, a beloved professor and theologian from Wabash College. There is simply nothing like it in print, and we are in debt to Dr. Placher for showing, era by era, what the church has said about vocation. Not everything said in every era was wise or helpful. Still, this is an amazing anthology, and, at nearly pages, a great bargain.

The author is a fine Barthian scholar, and this is a provocative, rich read.

by Ben Witherington III

Do you know it? The author is a college teacher and he tells moving stories about students and their sense of vocation, their desire to make a difference and have integrity, but also this pressure to be successful. I love the title, which captures the wise and eloquent style of the author and his vision. Still, there is something really right about this, about how our callings and vocations are discerned somewhat in light of the great needs of the world. A moving Marcus Borg quote on the front.

That is, serving in worship in the sanctuary and serving in the world. The first half is about what one might consider traditional worship, and the second half is about worshiping in the world, daily living out the claims we make in our liturgy. So this is basic, inspiring, an ideal starting book. There is a bit to read —five short readings for each day of the week so each member will need one but it is mostly designed for good conversations. It has helpful discussion questions, some activities, lots of Bible verses to consider exploring what the Scriptures say about the 9 to 5 and our other callings to work in various aspects of our lives.

Thanks to the CRC publishing arm for doing such quality work. Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture R. Discussion questions are included. After years of reflecting on the Word as it is broken open in their midst and equally paying attention to the contexts of the various workers at the church, this brave pastor has learned to equip the people for relating faith and work, Sunday and Monday, prayer and public life.

There are numerous two-page sidebars, too, documenting the stories of some of the folks in the church—a brilliant, Christ-honoring architect, an ethical businessperson, a good teacher, a Christian lawyer, and the like. If this topic is somewhat new to you, please consider buying this and, even better, buy one for your pastor.

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If you are a fan and connoisseur of this topic and have read well in the field of relating faith and work, I can assure you that you will be pleased to own this, will be encouraged by it, and will find new insights and stories that will bolster your own journey and allow you to more clearly explain to others your passion for developing a Christian perspective on the work-world.

Three cheers for a great, accessible, inspiring book! I have recommended this over and over for many years, and while it is a bit longer than it needs to be there are a few extra chapters for younger folks about finding a job, finding a church, managing your money it is very, very clear, and remarkably thorough. It is very strong in noting that work is not primarily for evangelism, that the work itself matters to God. It nicely contrasts a pagan, Greek worldview that disdained bodily work and the robust, gritty Hebrew views.

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It asks some questions about being agents of structural change, work-world reform. It is rare to see such vibrant, evangelical authors writing with such a broad view and such clear-headed counsel. Beckett was featured, sharing about his faith-based work in the heating oil industry.

Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor

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